Friday, November 9, 2012

It's well past November 1st, but here are some of my favorites for the month:

11.1.12 National Family Literacy Month
11.4.12 Daylight Savings Ends; Use Common Sense Day
11.6.12 Election Day
11.8.12 National Parents as Teachers Day
11.10.12 National Day of Play
11.11.12 Veteran's Day
11.14.12 National Teddy Bear Day
11.15.12 I Love to Write Day
11.17.12 National Adoption Day
11.22.12 Thanksgiving
11.23.12 Fibonacci Day
11.24.12 Celebrate Your Unique Talent Day; Small Business Saturday
11.30.12 Mark Twain's Birthday

Adopt a Senior Pet Month- hits close to home right now... Lady is definitely a senior, and a senior who is not a fan of the new kid on the block, Sophie.

Family Stories Month- we do have quite a few of them... though we never all tell the same story the same way.

National Adoption Month- I didn't know much about adoption until my friend Debbie adopted two incredible children... what great parents she and Jared are... and what a beautiful picture of how God adopts us into His family.

National Novel Writing Month- I always wanted to write a book.

National Peanut Butter Lover's Month- I don't really have anything to say here, except that I really enjoy peanut butter. ;)

National Scholarship Month- I'd like to one day give scholarships to kids who work hard, but come from homes who cannot afford to send their children without assistance- I'd like to help a student graduate debt free!  Perhaps, I should just start saving for Sophie's college tuition for now though...

Happy November,

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