Thursday, September 6, 2012

Road Trip!

Road trip!  The three necessary ingredients of a great road trip:

1.  Fun scenery:

We saw some goats...

a beautiful canal...

an even more beautiful park on a lake that was connected to several other large lakes (a great place for a boat, and for some great exercise, located right on the Withlacoochee Trail)...

Chinsegut Hill, which was actually a pretty steep hill for the flat lands of Florida...

and a beautiful oak canopy road.

2.  Great food:

We dined at a place called Coach's Pub and Eatery.  I actually failed to get any pictures here... probably because we were so hungry, and the food was so good.  It was also the first time in a while we let ourselves eat full out carbs for a meal, yum!  Our intention was to try a place called, Stumpknockers, but they are closed on Mondays- bummer for them, we found a spot we liked next door and would return to if we happen to land that way again.

3.  A great story:

While traveling, we happened upon a beautiful canal that was tucked back away, far from civilization... all of a sudden, we find a pretty happening, quite busy little restaurant with seating right on the water- perfect!  Well, not so much.  Before entering the restaurant, Brian pulled over by the canal, got out and took some pictures.  While snapping a few photos, a lovely gentleman from the restaurant came outside and politely asked Brian what the hell he was doing.  Uh... taking some photos?  Some more unkind words were said, and before you know it, instead of eating at their restaurant and raving about it here online, we quickly drove away angry and moved on to the restaurant mentioned above.  It was a bummer because it really looked like it could have been a cool spot... if you're one of them.  If you're not, well... watch out!  Ha!

Another successful road trip with the family!

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  1. Let's be honest, I almost got in a fight outside a redneck biker bar in Floral City.