Wednesday, August 29, 2012

September 2012

I was just about to write about how much I love September, but the truth is, I love every month!  There is so much to celebrate and are so many ways to be creative all year long!

Here are a few of my favorite September holidays (as always, there are many, many more than just the ones listed below...)

9.3 Labor Day
9.5 Be Late for Something Day (as if I'm not late for enough all of the time anyway?)
9.8 International Literacy Day (read a stinkin' book!)
9.12 National Chocolate Milkshake Day
9.13 International Chocolate Day
9.16 Wife Appreciation Day (what a nice treat for your wifey if you celebrate this one somehow)
9.17 Constitution Day; Citizenship Day
9.18 National Respect Day
9.19 Talk Like a Pirate Day (I cannot wait for this Mateys!)
9.22 First Day of Fall; Kids Day (I love, love Fall...and Winter...and Spring...and Summer...oh, and kids!)
9.23 Great American Pot Pie Day
9.24 Family Day (Aw, shouldn't this be everyday?  I love my Brian and Sophie... )
9.26 Johnny Appleseed Day (I actually remember celebrating this in elementary school)
9.27 Chocolate Milk Day
9.28 Ask a Stupid Question Day; Love Note Day (wink, wink); Hug a Vegetarian Day (Steve, I'll be looking for you!)

9.2-9.8 National Waffles Week
9.17-9.23 Constitution Week
9.23-9.30 Keep Kids Creative Week (Yay!!)

All American Breakfast Month (have breakfast for dinner one night)
College Savings Month (here we go...)
Library Card Sign Up Month (check!)
National Recovery Month
National Chicken Month
Peach Month

Feel free to share any ideas as to how you like celebrate some of these lesser known, or even the greater known holidays!  Always looking for ideas!

Happy September,

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