Monday, July 23, 2012

Take. It. Off.

We went to the doctor on Thursday to have Brian's cast taken off...

I love how Sophie is holding Daddy's hand in this picture.  I guess he holds her hands when she gets shots, so she thought she'd hold his when he got his cast taken off. ;)  

Mmmm... there was a nice yummy smell coming from that cast when she opened it up!

Aw, his poor little toe is afraid of the light.

What we were not planning for, and what the doctor specifically said he would not need, was a boot and physical therapy.  Ugh!

He does a little better on it each day.  He wears the boot faithfully, and tries to move his foot a little each day when he is resting.  He starts therapy this week... hoping it goes quickly and smoothly!

Hoping no one in this family ever breaks another bone,

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